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Russian Artist  Michael Zajkov Creates Stunningly Realistic Doll Faces That’ll Make Your Skin Crawl


More info: Instagram

Sometimes, a craftsman is too good, like when
he makes dolls so realistic it’s creepy. Michael Zajkov is one such
man. The faces of his art dolls are so realistic, it’s disturbing to see
him hold their heads in his hands. When you watch his work in motion,
there’s only so much you can do not to mutter “please don’t blink,
please don’t blink, please don’t blink…”

Zajkov graduated from Kuban State University of Russia in 2009. From
2010 to 2013 he worked at a puppet theater while also attending a
graduate school. He was propelled to fame after the 2013 “Art Dolls”
expo in Moscow. Zajkov’s creations have multiple joints. He uses polymer
clay for the dolls, hand painted glass eyes from Germany, and French
mohair for hair.


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Ya’ll: The SU fandom is the WORST MOST PROBLEMATIC fandom, EVER. You guys pushed someone to suicide over a ship! You all are responsible and you all make me sick! CANCEL STEVEN UNIVERSE

98% of the SU Fandom: We literally have no idea what’s going on, and have not even heard about this person until right now.

100% of the people not in the Steven Universe fandom: *checks the time on their phones*

Different anon here, hello! So, do you defend the use of gentile for non-Jewish people or not? I’d like to know your opinion on the subject. Have a nice day!




I’m not sure what you mean by defend? Do you mean do I think non-Jewish people shouldn’t use it because of its etymology? I don’t have a problem with anyone using the word “gentile.” I just think the idea that a non-Jewish person would be offended at being called a gentile is ridiculous especially when the word has the same root as genteel.

This is like people arguing over cis except the word has been in use for literal centuries.

See also white or straight people being “offended” at being called white or straight, but seeing no problem calling a Black person Black or a gay person gay. It’s the normativity of being part of the majority “default.” And not that there’s anything wrong with labelling cis people as cis (because, you know, we are), but with “gentile” it’s a word that gentiles used to label themselves, not to destigmatize being Jewish. This is opposed to the use of cis to normalize and “un-other” trans. Using “cis” to label people who are cisgender destigmatizes (and normalizes) using “trans” to label people who are transgender. But the end result is the same: It’s disliking being labeled for being in the majority (in whatever way) because you’re used to the normativity of the majority being “normal.” 



Splashes of black caused by cell division called Somatic Mutation, these mismarks are rare in pure bred labs and can result in either a small black spot or a funky African Wild Dog looking animal. Often called Mosiac labs

It’s either that, or it’s a chimera (two distinct embryos fused together when they were still at the blob-of-cells stage).

What’s the history behind Gentile? I’ve heard Goyim but gentile seems so nice


Gentile is Latin from “gentilis,” which comes from “gens.” “Gens” means clan, tribe, or nation (which, by the way, is what goy means too). The reason I say that the word gentile is “arguably disparaging to Jewish people” is because from gens we also get the following words: gentry, gentle, genteel, and gentleman. Those words have the underlying definition of goodness, nobility, and civility. So, if non-Jewish people are gentiles, and gens means good, noble, and civilized, then Jewish people are bad, low, and savage. A note though, I don’t think that everyone who uses the word gentile instead of non-Jewish or goy has all of the above going through their heads, however, like you said “gentile” seems nice. And it seems nice because it’s related to other words that have nice underlying meanings.