S/o to the girls who never wear makeup, love yo natural clean faces

s/o to the girls who always wear makeup, love yo glowy cheekbones and sharp contoured faces

I mean like, in a time where contouring is synonymous with supporting european features and we convince girls with acne and skin disorders that they need to hide behind foundation, sometimes it’s okay to celebrate girls who are consistently made fun of. We all know how great makeup looks, we know how ethereal a good strobe looks, and it’s inconsiderate to take away positivity from girls embracing their mustaches, acne, thick brows and under eye circles. Make your own post if you’re that determined to defend what a billion dollar industry already tells us to do. Girls celebrating their faces and embracing their features isn’t an inherent attack on those of us who do love cosmetics. And it’s sad to see this sour, defensive nonsense.