Autism and *Certain Fandoms*

Writer/Producer of TV show: Autism/Asperger’s is so quirky, mysterious and exotic! I will give this eccentric character some quasi-autistic traits and help spread the word that they *might* be autistic, because RATINGS//
Actual Autistic people in Fandom: Yay! I find this character to be relatable! Perhaps characters with neurology like mine will be on TV more now! Hooray for representation
Writer/Producer of TV show: LOL silly fangirls, of course this character is not autistic! Here are some experts who know your neurology better than you! They agree with me because this character does not rigidly match a list of arbitrary symptoms! Also, TOO MUCH EMPATHY!!1! (Silly fandom this character is too epic to be autistic anyway)
Actual Autistic People in Fandom: wait but no
Actual Autistic People in Fandom: but this character has so many traits and experiences with other characters and their lack of understanding for him
Actual Autistic People in Fandom: but he’s one of the only characters on TV I can see myself in at all
Actual Autistic People in Fandom: BUT if I keep watching the show I’m supporting this terrible and ableist Writer/Producer
Actual Autistic People in Fandom: wat do












The guy who invented the theory that vaccines cause autism had his medical license revoked for it

thats ridiculous

they took it away because he came up with a seemingly plausible theory?

They took it away because other scientists have been unable to reproduce his results, his results were made up, he didn’t even get approved by an ethics committee, and now he’s risking the health and lives of a whole bunch of people

It’s not just that he came to incorrect conclusions, he falsified data on purpose, apparently because he had patented a related medical test and stood to make a lot of money off people using his test instead of vaccinating.

It’s crazy how this one person, in a study of only twelve children, gained so much traction in the world. He put this lie out there—and it was a lie, not just interpreting data incorrectly—and now it doesn’t even matter that he’s been proven totally false. Years of effort to reestablish the truth can’t undo the lie once it’s out there in the world. Hundreds of thousands of people believe that lie, and actual children are getting sick and dying because of it.

This is a really troubling aspect of how human minds work, and it’s something conservative politicians take advantage of on a regular basis. If you just say that “well over 90% of what Planned Parenthood does“ is provide abortions, it doesn’t matter how often people recite the objective truth that abortions are a tiny fraction of Planned Parenthood services. You can say the truth 1000 times for every one time the lie is repeated, and thousands of people will still trust the lie.

I’d never heard this before, and it’s actually really helpful information to have, so thanks. Here is a scientific article by the American Academy of Pediatrics explaining the flaws in Wakefield’s research and briefly summarizing four studies that refuted the fraudulent claims. Here is an article by the editor-in-chief of the British Medical Journal calling him a fraud in no uncertain terms. Here is the first part of a nine-part investigative journalistic series, published in the BMJ, uncovering his fraud.  And the General Medical Council conclusions that stripped Wakefield of his clinical credentials can be found here.

I’m honestly so mad right now reading about this guy. People are dying of measles right now because vaccinations fell off so sharply, and those deaths can be laid at the door of this man.

And here’s a link to the rising number of preventable illnesses and deaths that can be attributed to Anti-Vaccine propaganda.

I hope he burns in a hell so hot and horrible

merry Christmas and vaccinate your fucking kids

The Case of Solidarity for All on the Spectrum

I have met and talked to people who hide their diagnosis because they fear they are going to be lumped in with “them”
Other people don’t want to see the aspbergers label dissolved because then they will be grouped with “them” and people will see them as just more of “them”
It’s really just being ableist and yet expecting others not to be.
That does not work, that will never work.



I don’t think people with severe disabilities and diseases should be allowed to go to school.

Now, don’t get me wrong. People with disabilities that only slightly impact their life should definitely be allowed to go to school. But there are a few people with really bad diseases that can’t walk, speak, or control their movements. ( I’m really sorry I can’t provide you guys with a specific name for this type of thing. I couldn’t find anything. ) People like that are disruptive, annoying, and are just a burden on their caretakers and parents.

If they’re unable to learn and can’t provide any use to society they should just stay at home, as forcing them to enroll in school is both utterly pointless and a responsibility that others shouldn’t take care of.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this one is a troll…Hopefully. The blatant ignorance is strong with this one.

Really, have you ever heard of schools having “Special Education” programs for children with specials needs? And who the fuck else is going to take care of them, if not their parents or caretakers? Wild animals?

If the OP is describing cerebral palsy I can say that it does not typically impact cognition and learning ability (unless it’s a case co morbidity). But I went to public school for two years and they were at least three kids with cerebral palsy, two girls who walked okay using supports and a boy in a wheel chair. He was never allowed in the general population, expect for lunch. He seemed quite smart, but they never let him challenge himself. Similarly their was a guy who was blind who basically just sat around reading braise books all day. The school has less than 20 kids per class on average and pretty deep pockets and they still wouldn’t bother letting him learn with the other kids. Also schools shouldn’t and do not function like day cares, not any good day care anyway.



I think the use of the word “Retard” is okay.

Before you call me intolerant or an ablest, know one thing: I have Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of higher functioning autism. I’ve been in special ed, and been around many kids in the program. And 2 opinions prevail among that group of people. They either are:

1.not offended by the word, or

2. are just offended because it’s an insult, and would be equally offended at “Moron” or “Stupid”.

When the petition to stop saying “The R word” went around in school, most people signed it. Except for the people they were trying to help. That’s right. Many people in the Special Ed program chose NOT to sign the petition.

Listen, being an ally can be great, and we appreciate the help. But, please know what the people you are trying to help actually want. We don’t want the word removed from existence. We want to redefine the word from “A person who has mental disabilities” to “A person who is stupid”. The sooner we sever the connection between retards and people with mental disabilities, the better. The sooner you stop strengthening that connection, the better. This has already happened before, with “Idiot”, “Moron”, and “Imbecile”. It can happen again.

So, feel free to call that jerk who cut you off a retard, and the fact that you were laid off retarded. We don’t mind. In fact, it helps us redefine it.

From another person on the spectrum, THANK YOU. This is exactly what I’ve been saying for YEARS – you just put it a lot more tactfully.

“Retarded” isn’t even an acceptable phrase for a person with a lower level of intelligence than the norm. It’s at an ackward stage of a word between terminology, insult, and adjective.