The Myth of ‘Too Sensitive’


Pain exists to warn us that something is wrong. I once read an article about how different parts of the body caused us different amounts of pain if they got injured, and this mapped very very well to how bad it was if we got injured there… except teeth.

The person writing the article thought that toothaches hurt way too much. That it was probably some glitch in the pain system, since the amount of agony they caused was supposedly all out of proportion to how serious the damage was.

The person who wrote the article was an idiot. Toothache pain is not an overreaction.

On top of the fact that teeth are vital to consuming food (nowadays we eat a lot of processed food and don’t have to chew as much to get the calories we need: we use ‘artificial’ teeth to chew our food for us, like milling flour), teeth are located in the head.

Near the brain. 

A tooth infection can and will spread to the jaw, and from there… Our nervous system freaks out if it senses that something is wrong with our teeth because back in the day, before modern medicine and antibiotics? That shit was deadly if you didn’t act in time.

Humans survive via cooperation. Childhood is when we learn how to cooperate with others. If your emotions were freaking out because something was wrong with your ability to interact with others, well, that’s something they should be freaking out about! Pain exists to warn us that we’re in danger, and need to do something in order to not bleed to death!

Telling a child that they’re ‘too sensitive’ when they’re detecting a very serious problem is like saying ‘oh, that thing’s too sensitive’ when a fire alarm goes off. Parents and people who don’t want to burn to death should not be ignoring that kind of thing.

I used to cry a lot in elementary because I couldn’t get along with others. Guess what? I was right. There was specifically a problem with my ability to get along with others, and it needed to be identified and addressed.

Don’t ignore your body when it’s trying to tell you something, and absolutely don’t ignore your actual brain.


For me a trigger warning sounds like an artist opportunity to say that if you can’t handle this topic you can’t handle my work

Erin, a friend of mine said this. It’s really great quote because it shows that an artist who creates for themselves is not obligated to cater to anyone but themselves (via queerstag)