UPDATED: Make Your Own Weighted Blanket For <$65 (Step by Step Pictures!)



(If you want a weighted blanket but can’t make your own, I also have an etsy shop where I sell custom weighted blankets for just slightly over cost of materials)

Assuming you already have:

  • sewing machine/needles for hand sewing 
  • pins
  • pencil/chalk pencil/chalk/quilting marking pencil  
  • ruler/yardstick (the longer the better) – helpful if as wide as your blanket
  • scissors/rolling cutter/etc
  • postal/cooking scale to weigh the beads (you need to figure out what 3 or 4 ounces looks like so you know how much to put in each pocket) 

Things you will need to buy and how to get them as cheap as possible: 

1. Fabric: $15-20 

You will need enough fabric to make a front and a back for your blanket. Of course, it depends how big you want your blanket to be. I wanted mine to be big enough to cover my whole body comfortably, so I got two pieces at 42" x 72". My blanket, at the end, is about 40" x 68". This almost perfectly covers the top of a twin bed, and is a great for an adult sized blanket. 

  • Joann Fabric is a wonderful store for fabric. They have a wide variety of fabrics, and they’re reasonably priced. They almost always have coupons for 40-50% off 1 item, and things in the store are often on sale!! 
  • I personally chose to go with flannel, because I wanted the blanket to be cool enough to use all year round, and as soft as possible. I got 2 different colors, so I could have a front and a back. The solid color was on sale for 40% off, and I found a 50% off coupon online for the other fabric. I spent $15.56 (plus tax) on the fabric.
  • I suggest flannel or something else that’s strong – there’s going to be a lot of stress on the fabric. 

2. Thread $2-4

  • About $3.29 (plus tax).

Total amount spent is $20.17, including tax. Total time spent is 20 minutes. 

3. Weighted Beads $20-40

  • First, decide how heavy you want your blanket. For children, the recommended weight is 10% bodyweight + 1 lb. A 70 lb child, for example, would use an 8 lb blanket. 
  • For teenagers/adults, somewhere between 14-20 lbs is usually good. A pretty standard weight is 15 lbs. If you’re a smaller person, or don’t really know how heavy you want it, go with 15. If you’re a larger person, or really crave deep pressure, go with 20. If you’re somewhere in between, pick something in between! 
  • Weighted beads are sold in craft store, but are super expensive. You’re going to want to look for “Plastic Poly Pellets”. Ebay sellers sometimes have them in different weight shipments, so that’s a good place to look! Anything more than $2.50/lb is expensive (including shipping). I buy my weighted beads in bulk here. If you really can’t find beads anywhere, feel free to contact me and I will send you some at cost+shipping with no additional charge. 

Total amount spent: $62.17. Time spent: 30 minutes. 

NOW for the actual assembly!!!

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