Meanwhile, my point? He’s right? Mmm.

Peter Gregory

a restaurant in Palo Alto, 2008

Peter: Why are you drinking? You know it’s not even noon yet?
Gavin: Haven’t you seen Mad Men yet, Pete?
Peter: No, but I fail to see ho-
Gavin: Day drinking; it’s making a comeback!
Peter: Is it? Or does it just say “fuck off” when its opponents say it’s crude, obsolete, out of touch with consumers and reality in general and the only people who like it are men, a majority of whom are young, white and from Christian backgrounds who don’t yet know how badly it can ruin their lives?
Gavin: I honestly wasn’t paying attention to about 80 percent of what you were saying.
Peter: That sounds like a generous estimate.
Gavin: I heard you got your hands on some of that medical grade marijuana.
Peter: Smoking aggravates my allergies.
Gavin: You didn’t used to be allergic.
Peter: I did not used to be a lot of things.
Gavin: It was good seeing you Pete. I have to get back to work. The Hooli board is very excited to hear about my lastest humanitarian trip to Africa.
Peter: Goodbye.

Not being from the US I don’t know a lot about Fourth of July celebrations: any headcanons about Gregorin and the holiday?

The Gregorys probably have a grill out in the backyard, naturally Gavin is invited.  They watch the fireworks from the roof of the garage.  Peter with a pair of big puffy headphones on.  

When they’re older and have already gone their separate ways they don’t really do much.  They give their employees the day off and probably treat themselves to a nice, summery dessert.  

The summer of 1984 when Gavin and Peter are visiting Peter’s grandparents and they go to Kennyworld (a local amusement park).


Looking it up on Wikipedia now… Also, of all the gifts from the universe bestowed on us as a fandom this season, I feel like Peter Gregory being from your state is one of the most specific.

I’ve actaully only spent a week or so in Pittsburgh it’s over 300 miles away, twice the distance from my hometown than New York.  It might as well be Arizona which is 3000 miles away.  Well that’s hyperbolic but I’m so of SE Pennsylvania with Hex Signs, and the Tastee Kakes, and the Pretty Little Liars and theres got to be more to Pittsburgh than putting French fries on sandwiches…but I just don’t know anything about it.

TDLR: Pennslyvania is massive, I’m a nerd, and I miss Peter Gregory.

The headcanon meme, and I hope these emojis work – Peter: εжз ✏ Gavin: ☠ ☎ Both: ❣ ❤


What about nature do they find calming? What about nature do they find disagreeable?

He likes the ocean and all the creatures there in (it’s one of his special interests) but the constant up and down of the tide makes him really sick.  

✏  What are their creative outlets?


☠  Are there any recent/daily thoughts they have about death or dying?

He thinks about what it might’ve been like for Peter.  A certain elephant’s death is also on his mind these days… 

☎ List three or more people they would call out for during an emergency.

Denpok, Hooper, and Peter

❣ Describe a way that will earn affection (whether platonic or romantic) from them.

Peter: develop a friendship based on mutual interests and maybe he’ll trust you enough to lay and hand on your shoulder.

Gavin: flatter him 

❤  Describe a physical action that shows complete trust.

Peter: Resting his head on your shoulder

Gavin: Think the only person he really trusts is Denpok so he’ll basically do whatever Denpok “advises” him to do.