These hackers just issued a massive threat to every Pokémon Go player

A group of hackers known as Poodlecorp took responsibility for taking down the Pokémon Go
servers using a DDoS attack on Saturday. But that was just the beginning. A Poodlecorp team member said that was just “a lil test” and that they would “do
something on a larger scale” likely on August 1st.

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I’m laughing so hard at this. Okay first, PG doesn’t use a static logon. It has two variable logins that aren’t even owned or kept up by niantic. They are kept by Google and Nintendo respectively (and have fun hacking two of the biggest names companies around). Which means, no, they can’t do anything to your accounts if they wanted. Second, they plan to DDOS the server??? Two issues with that bucko. Pokemon go isn’t hosted on one server. Its hosted on hundreds or more that are localized to areas. Secondly there’s already server problems? So a DDOS would go massively unnoticed and would probably affect only a small number of people before being quickly fixed??

tl;dr: this is the edgiest empty threat I’ve heard in a while.


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