Fantastic excuses from anti-Trump republicans who refuse to attend the RNC.

People are acting like a dumpster fire isn’t interesting, but there’s a giant trash fire near me (by the pinstripes and that good target, for you locals) and I’m OBSESSED with it. Nothing pleases me more than driving past it, or using it as a reference (I usually say, the target by the trash fire, or, the pinstripes by the trash fire, etc.) 

If my dad was like, let’s drive around the country and eat at country diners and look at burning trash, I would be SO DOWN. that would be ideal. My dad is the best, and so are burning piles of trash.

Wait, where? There’s a trash fire by Pinstripes?

  I guess I haven’t been that way in a few weeks… I was planning on going to a class  tomorrow. I’ll have to check out this fire.

I was at pinstripes last week! Is the picturesque hill an old landfill?

Tmw you agree with Ben Sasse about something.


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