miitary coup happening in turkey, social media is down (twitter, facebook, youtube) and we can’t communicate with anyone online on any of those sites. so far tumblr is working fine, if ur in turkey please stay safe and stay inside. 

president is making a statement via facetime ?? he’s insisting everything is ok but won’t appear himself. he’s inviting his supporters to the streets to face off with the military. do not comply. even if you love him more than life itself do not go out on to the streets. 

it’s over. 160 people dead, civilians killed in the cross fire, run over by tanks because the president urged them to leave their homes and protect him. police killing soldiers, soldiers killing the police. bombs went off in the turkish parliament, in taksim square, in the TRT building. istanbul and ankara look like warzones. the divisions in turkish society deepened unimaginably. a sad day marked by so much death and tragedy yet the prime minister is suggesting we celebrate it annually as ‘democracy day.’ no one won last night.


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