23 and Gregorin (strangers on a train eque is good but smut is better).


(early ‘90s. AU where they haven’t met before)

When Gavin saw entrepreneur Peter Gregory settling into one of the train’s compartments, he jumped at the chance to introduce himself. He walked through the half-open curtain into the compartment.

Peter blinked, feeling a near panic at someone just walking into his space like this. 

Gavin was used to investors being nothing but thrilled to see him. “I’m Gavin Belson, the guy who started Hooli,” he explained.

“Oh,” Pete said, with a little nod. Knowing this was some upstart trying to network made this situation at least slightly easier to handle than someone barging in for unknown reasons. He looked up at Gavin from his seat and said, “You seem to have a flourishing company. The tech is mediocre, but the business seems to be taking off. It’s a clear instance of the best product not always winning out. Good luck to you.” He hoped that was all the encouragement this guy needed and he’d go away. 

Gavin frowned. “Mediocre?” he repeated.

Peter shrugged a little. “I’m suer you’d like to go settle into you own compartment now…”

“You’e my hero,” Gavin told him, taking a seat right next to Peter. “I always hear about how Peter Gregory knows everything about the tech business.” 

“Thank you,” Peter said stiffly. He was going to attempt to tell Gavin to leave more firmly when he found his eyes drifting over his body appreciatively, then back up to his face which h was starting to realize was very handsome.

Gavin noticed the look. He leaned in a little, pouting. “You don’t really think my tech is mediocre, do you?” 

“Um…” Peter really didn’t like to lie, even though having Gavin’s pouty face near him was doing things to him. 

Gavin set his hand on Peter’s leg. “I really respect your opinion and I’d really like to hear you say something nice.” 

Peter swallowed as h felt the warmth of Gavin’s hand on his leg. “I, um, I hear your very ruthless. That will serve you very well. The fact that people are afraid to get on your bad side.” 

Gavin flashed him a smile that made his heart race and asked, “And what about getting on my good side? Would you like that?” 

“That would be nice,” Peter said, leaning in close.

Gavin leaned in the rest of the way for their mouths to connect in a kiss. Peter kissed him aggressively. 

Peter pulled away and looked over Gavin as he petted his hair. “You’re such a pretty thing.” 

Peter stood up and closed the curtains of the compartment.

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