(Saying ‘white lives matter’ is) redundant. Because everything in our country, in our culture, already screams ‘white lives matter.’ …The difference is black people are disproportionately affected by racial disparities in our criminal justice system. That’s just a fact. And saying ‘Black Lives Matter’ is a response to that.

The problem for you, Rudy (Giuliani, former NYC Mayor, who says BLM is a ‘racist’ movement – ed.) is that you’re imagining the word ‘only’ in there, as in ‘ONLY black lives matter.’ But no one is saying that. In fact, assuming the word ‘only’ in any context is kinda weird just in general. Like when you see a sign at the store that says ‘WE SELL LOTTERY TICKETS,’ you don’t assume they mean ‘WE ONLY SELL LOTTERY TICKETS.’

So, ‘Black Lives Matter’ is NOT an exclusionary statement. Essentially, it just means that black lives matter too.


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