i think the aubrey plaza transphobia thing is fake



the post is from a year ago. i did some digging and the magazine where she had that photoshoot was the sept. 2014 issue of nylon magazine, i’ve looked it all up and every instance i’ve seen of articles on the shoot or magazine hasn’t said anything about it at all. if someone could find a copy of it it would be best of course 

(even if she did say it, people grow and change as they learn about people around them. this was 2 years ago.)

also, google searches for the exact phrase in the picture come up with nothing

(you can search for an exact phrase by typing quotes around it. in this instance with 2 sentences though you need to be careful of how many spaces are between them)

just so you know

It, uh, doesn’t appear to be. And yes, it was a couple years ago, but… in the absence of any evidence (like, say, her apologizing for that shit), I see no particular reason to assume she’s not still a transmisogynist. The null hypothesis is that everyone is.

I found a scan of the article


I’m afraid this is 100 true 😦 


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