theres a post going around about wang xiaoyu and her jean ouyang, a chinese lesbian couple and i have a lot of complicated feelings about it

one thing that is really important to know is that wang xiaoyu and jean ouyang aren’t just lovers, they’re activists. the proposal was an act of love but also an act of protest against a homophobic social climate and a society that grants conditional acceptance to same sex love as long as it is out of sight

if you read wang xiaoyu’s account of the situation she even at one point describes the proposal as 我们的行为艺术, which roughly translates to ‘our performance art’. the proposal was done with a radical purpose in mind, and both women are immensely brave for it

my issue with the post being circulated is that it erases a large part of the couple’s work and agency and reduces them to an easy to swallow victim narrative to a western audience. and then suggests a petition signed by non chinese will get gdufs to change its mind. it won’t!!! the main way the university is discrediting the couple’s acts is by trying to say they are under foreign influence!! a petition by a bunch of americans will hurt the couple more than help, as well as feed into the chinese nationalist rhetoric used to silence members of the lgbt community

it dumbed down chinese lbgt activism and resistance into just a chinese victim/western savior

also like, the petition itself was written by a bunch of non-asian ppl. if you want to read wang xiaoyu’s actual account its here [english, chinese]


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