Okay, y’all. It’s TIME.

Time to make with the pleading and the puppy dog eyes and the outright shameless begging.

I have 3 weeks left to get 100 more orders or my book WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED.

All of the reviews have been positive and its racking up the accolades (including being inducted into the 7 Virtues Studios Collection yesterday), but I’m struggling to get it in front of a wider audience.

So how can you help?

1) Pre-order! Ebook copies are only $10 and totally count toward the total.

But there are FREE ways to help, too:

2) Share this post! Know a reader? A brooder? A snarky little shit? Tell them you’ve got something that’s right up their alley.

3) Leave a review! These help a lot and cost nothing! Even if you only read the prologue and like what you see, give it a “good shit” or something. I don’t care how short the reviews are – I’ll take ‘em!

4) Follow the book on Inkshares. Only takes a few clicks and a high follower count helps convince others to pick up a copy.

5) Did I mention share? I know there are more important viral posts to spread like wildfire and I feel pretty shitty adding a self-serving post like this to the din… but I’m outta time. This would be a dream come true. I’m not giving up!

I’m also considering outright bribing you with fanfiction. A lot of you 900+ followers probably came here for “Night Visions” or “The Asset” or maybe you’re old school and followed “The Last Warden.” Rich, dense, dramatic, multi-chapter fics were how I got my start. And they DIRECTLY influenced this story. Snarky rogues, handsome brooders, awkward romance, and lots of dead people. I’ve never gotten around to starting a Paetron, but if you’ve ever enjoyed a BAMFTASTIK fic, you should really check this out!

I’ll stop now. But if anyone could find it in their hearts to give a few clicks and help my dreams come true, I’d be ETERNALLY grateful!

Boosting for my friend’s book.


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