Captain America said so

That moment when you remember that, in addition to a gay little brother, the dude’s got an uncle in politics with a (D) by his name. 

His uncle was part of the sit-in, in fact.

Was he? Coolness! I confess I only checked the list to verify my rep. (I mean, it’s Jim McDermott, so it was really just a formality on my part. “Yep. There he is.” Then I watched some scathing videos from yesterday featuring him and tweeted links and thanks.)

I’m from MA, so I saw that the letter dems sent explaining the sit in was signed by 3 MA reps: Katherine Clark, Joe Kennedy III, and Mike Capuano–Chris’s uncle.

How is Clark thought of as a rep over there? She sure as hell raised her profile very impressively this week.

ah-hah!  Mike Capuano was of note – he spoke very well: heartfelt, rousing, & with a good dose of bitter Yankee humor.

(favorited along with Van Hollen’s “Silence in the face of injustice makes this House complicit,” and pretty much all of Don Beyer’s speech.)


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