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Omg I need this!!!!!


This is just a compact TENS unit.

You can get decent, compact, TENS units on Amazon much cheaper than they’re asking here. Sure it might not be cute, but it’s cheap and honestly the cute factor is just an excuse to slap the pink tax on.

It is so important to me that you guys know this is just a TENS unit. Don’t go paying twice or three times the amount just because its little blue and has purple flowers. Like you can slap some flowers on your electrode pads if you need to. 


I love my TENS unit, I get arm pain from working on the computer, and I have a bad knee since a couple years back and TENS units REALLY help. if you can afford it, get rechargeable one so you’re not scrambling for batteries.

I have this one, it’s $30 it’s not rechargeable (but it comes with 4 AAA batteries!) it’s the size of a remote control.

this one is my newer one, it’s $40 and rechargeable (mini usb) and I really like it. It’s VERY small. a little over 3 inches tall.

Don’t get scrumped, friends.  


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