Can’t really say it any better than that so I ain’t eem bout to try.

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court
on Thursday rejected a challenge to a race-conscious admissions program
at the University of Texas, Austin, handing supporters of affirmative
action a major victory.

vote was 4-3. Only seven justices participated in the decision. Justice
Elena Kagan had recused herself for prior work on the case as United
States solicitor general and the late Justice Antonin Scalia’s seat
remains vacant.


What a pleasantly unexpected outcome actually.  I knew Elena Kagan wouldn’t be able to rule on this case, so I figured the 4-4 split of Liberals vs. Conservatives on an issue like this would tip to the Right without Kagan there to add a fourth voice, but nope.  Kennedy came through in the clutch and even wrote the majority opinion, so good day to you, Ms. Abigail Fisher.  She’s already graduated from Louisiana State at this point anyway, but I’m glad her white whine won’t succeed in setting back racial progress half a century.


y’know if they really wanted to challenge that kind of admissions policy they needed to find a qualified white student who was rejected

since every single white person who complains about affirmative action claims they can prove beyond question that a brilliant white kid of their acquaintance was denied admission in favor of a less-qualified black student, that shouldn’t have been difficult, right? I mean, unless they can’t actually prove that at all… nah, that’s impossible.

I mean that’s probably why Fisher’s lawsuit ignored that of the 47 people with lower grades who got in 42 were white. It’s like Fisher & the people bankrolling this lawsuit thought no one would actually look at the facts. 


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