An early poster for the Captain Underpants animated film was spotted at the 2016 Licensing Expo. This is the first real glimpse at the film that fans have gotten in a while, with the initial announcement coming many months ago. The film is being done by Dreamworks Animation and is slated for a 2017 release. The film also boasts an all-star cast, featuring Kevin Hart and Thomas Middleditch as George Beard and Harold Hutchins, the mischievous elementary school students who turn their principal Mr. Krupp (played by Ed Helms) into Captain Underpants (once again, Ed Helms). 

The film is based on the globally popular book series, known for being both beloved and for its controversies for being considered vulgar. It was reported to be one of the most frequently challenged books of 2012–that’s fifteen years after the series started. The series has spawned two spinoff series, Ook and Gluk and Super Diaper Baby. The series recently gained attention in the most recent book, Captain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-a-Lot, when George and Harold travelled to the future to reveal Harold was married to another man, with children. This made it one of the first big-name childrens’ book series to openly portray LGBT main characters, and families.

Fans should be pleased by the little to be found in this poster. The Captain looks very much on-model with his book style, with the poster utilizing the same font as the book titles. Things look promising for our beloved Wedgie Warrior. Let’s just hope the movie gets some Flip-o-Rama in there.

Captain Underpants is set to release in 2017.

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Finally a superhero movie that makes life worth living.

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