Hillary giving a speech on economic inequality, wearing a $12,500 Armani coat


aight but this looks like a fucking snuggie

Woman in constantly in public eye with professional news media scrutinizing her fashion choices 24/7 wears designer clothing.  Shocking.  News at 11.

Yeah, I’m not offended/surprised by her designer duds. That’s on brand as far back as her days as First Lady, and for the rest of our politicians. (If you think Trump buys his suits at Bloomingdales like NYC fashion plebs, I have news for you. That shit is bespoke, son: $5-10K+ a pop.) 

But I did read a recent article intimating that Kevlar vests are still very poorly designed to fit women, and that some kind of bulletproof gear could be one of the reasons she’s been wearing such loose/boxy clothing. Who knows if it’s true, but it’s worth considering.

She could also be wearing loose, boxy clothing simply because she’s not young anymore.  Young men, old men – in business and politics, they all wear suits, and the suits are basically the same.  Women don’t have that luxury.  I don’t blame her for not wearing fitted clothing much anymore.  I remember last election cycle when everyone was on her all the time for wearing pantsuits as opposed to Sarah Palin’s knee skirts and tight blazers.  Sarah Palin is decades younger.  My mother is older than Hillary Clinton, but she hasn’t worn a skirt above the ankle since she was Clinton’s age because she doesn’t want people to see her veins.  What’s wrong with that?  I’m not happy with all of Clinton’s policies, but for God’s sake let the woman wear whatever the hell she’s comfortable in.

Also there’s a snopes article on this.  


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