so this just blew up on twitter with backup from several ppl mentioned (all of the ppl I’ve seen who were fired were POC/LGBT, none were cis men).

  • so apparently @buzzfeed has fired several of their (super amazing) video personalities/creatives, all of whom from what I’ve seen are POC/LGBT.
  • some ppl have not commented yet b/c apparently they have NDAs but the ones who don’t have spoken out.
  • Don’t support them by watching their videos if you can, don’t post/reblog them on tumblr, and 
  • please don’t apply for/accept a job there until this gets cleared up (assuming it ever does)

there’s a lot of tweets floating around but I’ll try my best to link to some sources, Gaby Dunn has been most vocal, god bless. 

first in the long string of tweets by Gaby: here

Jenny Lorenzo acknowledges: here

Brittney Ashley’s input: here

bonus input from herstory: here

dope, thanks for this

This seems especially relevant  in the wake of the shooting, with BuzzFeed trying to become a primary source for news on it.

You don’t get to fire people for being queer and Latinx and proud of these things, then turn around and profit off of the deaths of queer Latinx people. We see you, @buzzfeed. We see you, and I for one, am angry and disgusted.

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