“The greatest episode of this or any other show

Okay so

The Joker is abducting surfers with the help of a henchgirl who has a phone disguised as a hot dog (Just go with it) and he is stealing the surfing knowledge of these surfers

To become the BEST SURFER EVER

He plans to ‘Rule the waves’ and it is unclear why exactly he has his heart set on this, maybe he just really wants to be a good surfer but being a very lazy evil clown man he doesn’t want to take lessons or maybe he’s been blacklisted by surfing instructors because he wants to wear a three piece suit while on a surf board

Anyway Batman of course can’t let this harlequin hoodlum bring his chaotic clowning to the sea as well as dry land and so challenges the Joker to a surf off (With the two wearing surf shorts over their costumes because it’s a rule)

Batman wins and for his monstrous Surf Crimes the Joker is sent back to Arkham so he can escape next week and presumably the hot dog phone is in the GCPD evidence locker to this day.”


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