A tip to my fellow editors:

Due to my LGBT+ positive content I often receive homophobic comments on Youtube, as well as the typical trolls, haters and spam. I am also a big sister to 4 young girls, whom all watch my videos (the ones that do not have an age limit that is) and read the comments under them. This is the main reason to why I want to have a safe and positive environment in my comment sections. 

But even though I read every single comment that I get, sometimes it can take me up to a week before I have the time to see some. That means that the meanest of comments can be public for anyone to see for a long time before I get the chance to remove it. But thankfully I do not have to deal with this anymore, thanks to a little feature that YouTube has but does not promote enough: The blacklisting setting. 

You simply write in the most harmful words that you can imagine, and Youtube will (98% or the time) find all comments with said words and put in a separate folder. The comments will not become public until you have approved them. 

More info about Youtube comment settings


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