my concept retake on the tyrannosaurs from the good dinosaur with a bit more paleo accuracy. honestly i really like their faces and their overall structure isn’t as fucky as the pterosaur. its just mainly the complete lack of feathers?? also i gave them all tinier wing arms and a more horizontal posture

anyway to try and go with the cowboy idea i gave butch a feather BEARD and the idea of the feather coat resembling a vest with the leather tassels on the ends. i kind of wanted to even give him a starfish sheriff badge but they werent living near a coast

i didnt really draw over the other two as much because time constraints

nash is apparently the youngest and he was sort of goofy so i made him still downy and awkward because i need a t rex with down

ramsey has some longer feathers sort of like hair but still pretty raggedy looking

These are PERFECT. Pixar ought to hire you.


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