Just as European sex ed programs are looking to urge more births to combat falling fertility rates, the U.S. might be seeing similar trends in its own birth rate. Not just yet, though. But, according to new numbers from the Census Bureau, more American women of childbearing age are actually childless. Almost half of women between the ages of 15 and 44 didn’t have kids in 2014, with an increase from 46.5 percent in 2012 to 47.6 percent last year. 

Census Bureau finds the highest percentage of childless women of reproductive age since the 1970s

Well that’s what you fucking GET

You killed the economy
Your police keep killing black people
Your colleges over charge per credit hour
Your students have crippling debt
The minimum wage is not a liveable wage
Gentrification has destroyed black neighborhoods and small businesses
Rent is too high
Day care costs more than rent
Food stamps get cut year after year
Health insurance is expensive
Doctor bills are expensive
You had turned men into celebrated misogynists that don’t want to wear condoms or pay for child support or fund abortions

No we don’t want to children in a world that has no problem watching us die and blaming us for it.


Birthrates tend to fall in countries that have achieved emancipation for women but do not continue to support women afterwards. Basically, you’re told “you can have a career or you can have kids, not both” and so a lot of women go “fuck it”. Also, consider that if women are *choosing* not to have kids, it’s for a reason. All of the reasons stated above are absolutely correct.

If you want people to have kids, make it seem like a joy and not a burden. Make the world the kind of place you want to bring children into instead of protecting them from it by not even having them. Make sure every child that is born is supported. When parents can live without fearing for their children, there will be more of them.

Also aren’t white people the ones always hand-wringing about over population? Is this not what you wanted?


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