researching a new and interesting subject

after countless hours of intense research i finally feel confident in sharing what i’ve discovered. the results might shock someone, so i advice to read with caution.

first of all we have to establish whether or not sasuke uchiha could be considered emo. this was a heavily debated, and very controversial issue back in the day.

a lot of people, perhaps blinded by emotion, argued that sasuke was not, in fact, “emo”. however, i think now that time has passed and we’re able to look at it more objectively, we can all agree this is not the case. 

today only a fool would argue that the lone wolf of the shinobi world, with his stylish black hair and dark clothes, who hated a lot of things, and didn’t particularly like anything, was not an embodiment of emo culture.

so how does the timeline add up?

well, after doing a lot of research, i discovered that the first episode of naruto aired in 2002 on tv tokyo in japan. the year after, in 2003, bands which then were considered “emo bands” started breaking through

coincidence? i think not

but it doesn’t stop there! no, as we all know, emo culture reached it’s peak in 2005. you know what else happened in 2005? the first dubbed episode of naruto aired in the US on cartoon network’s toonami

after looking at the overwhelming evidence, i think it’s safe to say that my hypothesis was correct, and that sasuke uchiha, the brooding and mysterious anime character, did in fact start emo culture, or at the very least

heavily contributed to make it mainstream

…Is this not commonly accepted knowledge?  


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