white people’s roles and responsibilities when standing in solidarity with black liberation struggle (source)

Still (always) relevant; but especially today.

[Text reads: White People’s Roles & Responsibilities

We are called to commit to the struggle for liberation now.

  1. Show up.
  2. Stay off the megaphone.
  3. Direct media to Black leadership.
  4. Follow direction of Black leadership.
  5. Protest from our position (We are not Mike Brown, carry signs challenging white supremacy).
  6. Call-in/collect white folks who are causing harm and/or breaking guidelines set by Black leadership.
  7. Meet level of escalation with police, do not exceed it.
  8. We have a strategic commitment to militant nonviolent resistance – honor that.
  9. Recognize group responsibility before, during, and after action. Ensure everyone is bailed out of jail and strive to do court support.
  10. When planning white specific solidarity actions, target spaces of white power, and don’t speak for Black people but about white culpability.]

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