My husband is doing an amazing thing you guys…
He’s in the beginning stages of making an iPhone app for those who struggle with media triggers associated with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), or suspected PTSD (meaning, you haven’t been professionally diagnosed but you suspect you have it – we’re not trying to leave anyone out here). He has written about the app: “Trigger – PTSD Protection

Trigger is an application designed to aid people afflicted with PTSD in their
recovery. It primarily helps users avoid recreational media that can cause a
psychological relapse. Specifically, those who are affected by violence, sexual
abuse, or war. The user inputs what specifically affects them and the app will
advise them on what movies or TV shows to avoid”. 
So far, he’s made a powerpoint presentation of what he wants to include, which starts (at this point anyway) with a summary of what a trigger is and what the symptoms of PTSD are, statistics associated with those who have this disorder, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, an outreach help source with contacts to The Suicide Prevention Hotline, Rape Abuse Incest National Hotline, The National Domestic Violence Hotline, and Veterans’ Crisis Hotline. The app will also play soothing music and/or natural sounds in the event that something triggers you as a means of distraction.

Please boost the shit out of this, guys, and get the word out – this could be the start of something that could help many people. Any and all feedback/comments/suggestions are appreciated.

I know a ton of my followers will benefit from this, as will I. spread the word ❤

So cool!


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