I don’t think people with severe disabilities and diseases should be allowed to go to school.

Now, don’t get me wrong. People with disabilities that only slightly impact their life should definitely be allowed to go to school. But there are a few people with really bad diseases that can’t walk, speak, or control their movements. ( I’m really sorry I can’t provide you guys with a specific name for this type of thing. I couldn’t find anything. ) People like that are disruptive, annoying, and are just a burden on their caretakers and parents.

If they’re unable to learn and can’t provide any use to society they should just stay at home, as forcing them to enroll in school is both utterly pointless and a responsibility that others shouldn’t take care of.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this one is a troll…Hopefully. The blatant ignorance is strong with this one.

Really, have you ever heard of schools having “Special Education” programs for children with specials needs? And who the fuck else is going to take care of them, if not their parents or caretakers? Wild animals?

If the OP is describing cerebral palsy I can say that it does not typically impact cognition and learning ability (unless it’s a case co morbidity). But I went to public school for two years and they were at least three kids with cerebral palsy, two girls who walked okay using supports and a boy in a wheel chair. He was never allowed in the general population, expect for lunch. He seemed quite smart, but they never let him challenge himself. Similarly their was a guy who was blind who basically just sat around reading braise books all day. The school has less than 20 kids per class on average and pretty deep pockets and they still wouldn’t bother letting him learn with the other kids. Also schools shouldn’t and do not function like day cares, not any good day care anyway.


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